lena in kiln I grew up in Great Fall, Montana. Spending most of my childhood traveling from one art show to another. My mother (Sherry Wood) is an amazing painter and my Father (Jerry LeVeque) is a master potter. I spent the rest of my time playing on the old kick wheels at Paris Gibson Museum of Art, where my father taught classes.
When I was old enough to work, I got a job at the Art and Craft shop on Malmstrom Air Force Base. That is where I taught ceramics.
When I was in my twenty’s I moved to Georgia and New Mexico. Then I found myself back in Montana. I went to school and got my Bachelors in Interior Design. Doing design work on the side and working at a law firm, I found that I was the happiest doing pottery at Great Falls Pottery Co. So I went to work with my father (the owner) as my mentor and leader creating unique, hand-crafted pieces.
> All pieces are made on a potters wheel, slab built, extruded or both. I fire most of my work in a gas kiln to cone 10 (reaching 2381 degrees Fahrenheit). I am mostly a functional potter with a few pieces like angels as an exception.
> Sharing the studio with some truly gifted master & student potters, I am very lucky and proud to be where I am.

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